Spices & Herbs

Healthy ingredients are a key part of Thai cooking.

Kaffir Lime Leafes can be found in many Thai dishes like curries or soups.
Lemon Grass in many soups or salads or curries.
Galangal is mostly in soups. looks like ginger but taste like lemon. very hard / not good to eat.
Tumeric often in soups or curries. deep yellow root. intensive taste. good to marinate fresh fish
Lime you can use lime in nearly every dish. like soups or salads or even noodle dishes.
Ginger in many Thai dishes like curry, salads or fried vegetable with pork/chicken etc.
Sweet Thai Basil sweet Thai basil is a lot in Thai dishes and curries or just use it fresh in many salads or soups. a must in the green curry!
Holy Basil used in many fried meat dishes like minced pork with holy basil
Coriander you can find coriander in many Thai dishes or as decoration an salads. very strong taste
Thai Eggplants mostly used in green Thai curry, or in some fried vegetables dishes.
Tamarind use in many dishes but as tamarind juice, for pad thai, salads, soups, fried fish ctc.
Long Beans use in nearly every are, salads, soups, curries fried dishes with meat or fish
Chili use in every Thai dishes, but be-careful with it. very spicy! if you can not eat very spicy you use sweet chilies…. like pepperoni in Europe.