Thai Cooking Classes

sonjas-thaicookingclass Established in 2002.

New: Night classes available!

We use only organic grown vegetables and meat!

And of course we offer vegetable dishes and full vegetarian courses.

New: Fruit tasting with unusual fruits that you might never before have tried.

We cook only dishes, whos ingredients you will be able to buy back home.

If you are somebody who loves Thai food and you enjoy learning how to cook the food you love, then you have found the place to go Koh Samui – ‘Sonja’s Thai Cooking Classes’! Sonja is teaching the art of Thai cuisine for more than 15 years now!

Sonja is a Michelin star awarded chef from Germany.

In this private course, you will learn from an experienced chef how to cook your favourite Thai dishes – step by step we teach you
15 dishes of the Royal Thai Cuisine.
6 dishes will be prepared by yourself in our course kitchen, the preparation of the other dishes will be explained to you. You decide which dishes to cook.
Minimum participants 2 persons

Please note: I offer no transfer service. You will come by yourself to the cooking class studio.

Our classes are private and small – starting with individual groups of two or more people. If you want to learn cooking alone you still will pay the price for two people. Think again about it, cooking is more fun if you cook together with someone. Absolutely everything is ‘Sanook’, which is the Thai word for fun, meaning you will have fun as you learn to cook Thai food with us.

Also, across the whole course, you will learn many traditional asian natural medicine tipps.


Time: 12am to 2pm or 3pm to 5pm

You can choose 4 dishes from a list. We cook 2 out of them. The other 2 dishes you will receive as printed recipies.
A lot of basic knowledge incl. any questions will be answered in the class

Included: drinking water as much you like and fruits for dessert.

Cost per person THB 1.500
Children (accompanied by 2 adults): up to 12 years old for 50% off!

COURSE 1 (this course is suitable for families with children)

to get a taste of Thai cooking, you can try my taster course every morning starting at 11am….3 to 4 hours
there we cook 4 dishes…..2 soup, 1 starter, 1 curry! But we learn to cook 8 dishes.
I will also give you two more recipes that you can test at home by yourself.
on request I can supply you with a starter pack for your first cooking session at home if you like it.
incl. curry paste, sweet chilly paste,palm sugar etc

this course is new in my program.

On request also on afternoons

A great course to learn to cook with children


the main cooking class is 5 to 6 hours long (starting at 1pm)
there we do 15 dishes …….what YOU can CHOOSE……..!…is 5 times more then other classes!!!
but from this 15 dishes we will cook 6 of them!!
2 soup, 1 starter, 1 curry, 1 other main or seafood 1 dessert!
all other dishes i will explain to you doing the class.


then we also offer a night class from 5 – 11 pm.
for special events like birthdays or what ever is in your mood!
there i will provide you with the curry paste and the basic stuff what you need,
for your first cooking at home!

this class is also with 15 different dishes and we cook 6 of them,
you choose here also what you like to cook.
2 soup, 1 starter, 1 curry and 1 other main and 1 dessert.

you also save a lot for your dinner in this case!

We also have a garden on the premises where we grow all the herbs that we use in the cooking class.

We want to make your time with us pleasurable and enjoyable so we can have an excellent lunch or dinner together. You will be impressed with how delicious the food you cook will be. We will end the class by (of course) eating what we prepare!

You will learn how to cook in a very clean and good kitchen with loads of atmosphere. You and your partner can take photos while you are cooking and enjoy the whole session. So don’t forget your camera!

We will provide you with printed recipies of our dishes. Together with your photos, you can build a scrapbook of recipes that you can cook again and again back home.

Sonja knows the availability of the ingredients of Thai food in Europe and will let you know what ingredients are hard to get your hands on.

A visit to the local Thai market

NEW: We now offer you a visit to the local Thai market with Sonja, who will explain and teach you about Thai foods and ingredients that are sold on the island. This trip is around 1 hour long and needs to be booked separately from the cooking class. Price THB 1.000 per person.

Thank you for your interest and I hope to meet you soon to teach you how to cook Thai food.

The private cooking class you never forget!

Booking of the classes is possible up to 24 hours before class begins. Cancellation is also possible up to 24 hours before class would take place. Those 24 hours are needed to prepare the course and the ingredients.

In every class we serve a large cocktail and offer a never ending supply of water.