Thai Cooking Classes


Established in 2002.

We cook only dishes, whose ingredients you will be able to buy back home.

If you are somebody who loves Thai food and you enjoy learning how to cook the food you love, then you have found the place to go to on Koh Samui: Sonja’s Thai Cooking Classes! 

Sonja, a Michelin star awarded chef from Germany, is teaching the art of Thai cuisine for more than 20 years now!

In this private course, you will learn from an experienced chef how to cook your favourite Thai dishes – step by step we teach you dishes of the Royal Thai Cuisine.

You decide which dishes to cook.

We are a private Thai Cooking-class and after COVID-19, I work now from home.

I lost my shop during covid and for that to open again, I need money that I don’t have now, but my classes are taking place now in my very nice private house!

I hope you will enjoy that in the same way as before!

Before we offer many different classes, now just 1 class anymore!

We need to start new again so please understand! With 3 hours — from 4.30 to 7.30 pm

Only 2 people, price per person will be 2.400 THB — with 3 dishes and 3 more recipes IN PRINT

Included are a cocktail and free cold water throughout the course.