Choose one item from each group: 1 soup, 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 curry and 1 dessert.

SOUP (all soups can be prepared vegetarian)

  1. Tom Yum Chicken/Shrimps with Tamarind
  2. Tom Kaa Chicken/Shrimps (Coconut soup)
  3. Tom Yum (original old style with milk) (spicy)


  1. Fried Vegetable on Oystersauce (vegetarian)
  2. Fried Rice with Vegetable and Egg (vegetarian)
  3. Glass Noudle Salad with Pork (vegetarian without pork possible)
  4. Pork or Chicken Satay with Peanut Sauce
  5. Fried Noodles with Vegetable (vegetarian)
  6. Pad Tai Tofu and Egg and Vegetable (vegetarian)
  7. Pomelo Salad with Mince-Pork (vegetarian without pork possible)
  8. Som Tam, Papaya Salad (green Papaya in Europe very expensive) (vegetarian)
  9. Vegetable Springrolls (vegetarian)
  10. Fried Tofu with sweet Chilly and Peanut Sauce (vegetarian)
  11. Tempura Vegetables “No Name” (vegetarian)
  12. Thai Salad with Tuna, Chicken or Pork
  13. Fresh Tuna Springrolls with Peanut Dip
  14. Clamps with sweet Thai Basil and sweet Chili Paste
  15. Moo Manao, sour Pork Salad
  16. Fishsauce Chicken Wings


  1. Mince Pork with sweet deep Fried Basilikum
  2. Laarb – Chicken or Pork Salad, warm thai salad
  3. Fried Chicken and Vegetables with Chashew Nuts
  4. Young Bamboo with Chicken and Bellpepper (can be prepared vegetarian)
  5. Chicken Liver with Vegetable and Oyster Sauce
  6. Fried Pumpkin with Pineapple & Curry Sauce (vegetarian)
  7. Fried Noodles with Vegetable and Pork/Chicken/Beef
  8. Garlic Pepper Chicken or Pork
  9. Soy Ginger Chicken or Pork
  10. Crispy Larb Meatballs with Tamarind Sauce
  11. Spicy Beef Salad

CURRIES (can all be prepared vegetarian)

  1. Massaman Curry with Chicken or Beef and Sweet Potatos
  2. Paneng Curry with Vegetable, Chicken or Beef or Pork
  3. Yellow Curry with Fish or Seafood/Beef/Chicken (**very spicy!)
  4. Red Curry with Beef and Vegetables (***very spicy!)
  5. Green Curry with Vegetable, Pork or Beef or Chicken

FISH & SEAFOOD (additional fee of THB300 per person)

  1. Whole fried Fish with Garlic and fresh green Pepper and Sea food dipp)
  2. Shrimps Salad and Vegetables (Thaistyle)
  3. Tempura King Prawns and Onion Rings
  4. Seafood Salad and Vegetables
  5. Fried Fish with Yellow Curry
  6. King prawns with pomelo salad and minced pork and Tamarind Sauce
  7. Fish crispy with special green seafood dipp
  8. Fried Shrimps with Ginger and Bellpepper
  9. Big Shrimps with Tamarind Sauce and Crispy Deep Fried Charlottes


  1. Steamed Sticky Rice with Mango (only in Mango-Saison)
  2. Banana in Coconut Sauce
  3. Deep Fried Banana with Honey
  4. Deep Fried Pinnaple with Honey

After choosing the cooking course please find the dishes in this list that you want to cook and also let me know the type of meat (fish, chicken, pork, beef aso.) that you want to use. Please let me have your choices 1 day before the course starts, at least before 6pm.

Thank you
Sonja Diwo